Larger illustration of Arin Hanson

Arin Hanson

Comedy man and Co-host of Game Grumps

Arin Hanson is a cartoonist, comedian, voice actor who came into notoriety for his "Awesome" cartoon parodies posted on and He thought it would be funny to do a let's play comedy show, so then Game Grumps happened.

Arin is the titular "Grump" of Game Grumps, frequently getting more than reasonably upset at difficult games, and giving his often terrible opinions about how video games should be, instead of how they are. He frequently does stupid voices and fails at video games making his co-host Dan Avidan almost fall out of his chair laughing at his misfortune, which Arin is personally very proud of.

Arin was born and raised in Florida where he learned almost nothing about anything and ended up dropping out of school. The only thing Arin cared about was making people laugh, and doing stupid voices, so honestly Game Grumps was a dream job. Dan mentioned in his bio that he loved MST3k which honestly Arin loves too, and probably influenced him to make this kind of content. Arin is writing this bio, btw, if it wasn't too obvious. You probably haven't even made it this far, so here's kudos to you, loyal reader.

Arin has built many businesses over the years inadvertently, like Game Grumps, and also Real Good Touring, where he creates and tours live shows exclusively for internet creators. He is also one third of the comedy band Starbomb alongside Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, who have played to sold out theaters across the nation. Arin loves to travel so honestly this was, like, a dream.

Arin enjoys a semi-lucrative voice acting career where he has appeared on such shows as Rick and Morty, The Owl House, and Mighty Magiswords, and in such games as Borderlands 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Arin moved to LA to pursue voice acting so even though it happened, like, a decade later, it's still a dream come true.

Arin developed the pin trading product "Arpeegees" inspired by the classic RPG video games he grew up with. Arpeegees is devoted to the concept of "randomness," as every product contains random pins or stickers out of a much larger set. Arin is obsessed with the concept of random, as he believes it promotes the idea of falling in love with something that is YOURS, and not necessarily something that you WANT.

Inspired by his love of random product, Arin has launched a trading card Youtube channel, Shuffle Master, where he opens trading card product like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon and goofs and gaffs around with his audience, who he regularly streams with. He uploads VODs of the stream on his channel, as well.

If you wanna read about Arin's accolades, check out Dan's bio 'cause he says a lot about Starbomb and Game Grumps in there I chose to leave out because Dan already said it better than I could.